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What is Filter Washers?

Filter washer is manufactured by stainless steel woven wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh, sintered mesh, quenching net, etc. Combined with rubber or silicone edge for sealing function.
Due to its corrosion resistance and mechanical strength, it is mainly used to remove unwanted impurities from fluid, gas or solid.
Filter screen gaskets are of fair in different materials, sizes as well as custom designs which could meet your different filtration demands. The filter washers find their use in the absorption, evaporation and filtration process in the industries such as petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, food and beverage, medicine and automobiles.

Technical parameters of filter gaskets:

1.Applicable nominal diameter :15-200mm
2.Mesh:10-200 mesh
3. Flow :2-320L / min
4.Filtration accuracy :5-400um
5.Material: stainless steel smooth mesh, twill mesh, I-Net, quenching net, etc.
6. maximum operating temperature: 120 °C

Performance features of filter washers:

1.has a high strength, the ability to pass oil
2. can be reused
3. Reliable filter for easy cleaning and features

Applications of filter gaskets:
Filter, filter press, ship, diesel engine oil system applicable to various types of thin oil lubrication device filtering.






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