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5 Correct Methods for Selecting Rubber Sealing Wahsers

5 correct methods for selecting rubber sealing washer:            

1. Motion direction-to first determine the motion direction of seals, such as reciprocating, rotating, spiral or fixed. 

2. Key points of sealing -to tell whether the motion point is the rod seal with inner diameter or the piston seal with outer diameter.       
3. Temperature grade - to look into the instructions of the original manufacturer or evaluate the working temperature in accordance with the actual working environment, so as to determine the required materials. 
4 .Pressure level - to look into relative data from the instructions of the original manufacturer,and to evaluate the working pressure level by observing the hardness and structure of the original seals.            

5. Size- most users will make selective purchase in accordance with the old sample that is used. However, after being used for a while, the size of the seals will be greatly affected by temperature, pressure, wear and tear, and other factors. The sample can be only used as a reference for selection. The better method with a higher accuracy is to measure the size of the metal slot where the seals are.

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