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Why Choose brofitting to be Your Sealing Gasket Fittings Partner?

☛ Existing Over 180 Kinds of Filter Washer Moulds, There is Always A Suitable One for Your Products.

15 Years' Experience on Custom hose filter washer Manufacturing, Mature Production Line.

☛ At least 3 Times Inspection and 100% Inspection Guarantee High Quality and Keep High Rates of Superior Products.

A Perfect hose washer with screen Industry Chain Makes the Factory Prices Lower and More Competitive.

Various of Conventional Sealing Rubber, Silicon Products Prepared, Accepting Customization.

A Standardized Production Process with High-Efficiency Guarantees Timely Delivery.

Brofitting gasket making equipments

Brofitting Company Profile

Established in 2003, BROFITTING GASKET TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is located in Haining City, Zhejiang Province, China, which is famous for Qianjiang Tide. Brofitting is a Professional Custom Rubber Gaskets Manufacturer and filter washer screen Supplier of 15 Years' Factory Experience.

Brofitting has a strict rubber washer quality control system from the materials, such as stainless steel wire mesh, mould and rubber raw materials.  Mature production assembling line and experienced staffs guarantee the stable quality and fast delivery for our worldwide customers.

In order to meet more customers' various requirements and lower their costs, brofitting has opened more than 220 kinds of molds range from O rings gaskets, auto water pump gaskets, hose filter washer, silicone gaskets etc. Especially for mesh screen filter washers, customers needn't cost too much if some of the existing molds could meet their demands. And small amount production will be acceptable for conventional sealing filter gasket products.

Brofitting looks forward to inquiries from foreign and domestic friends. Any inquiry will be welcomed and will surely receive our prompt attention and rapid reply.






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